Friday, 4 October 2013

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Conjuring

The conjuring literally conjures everyone to watch the movie. Given the fact I am not a movie buff I did not check the movie’s trailer but just went ahead with the gist that the movie was a horror film. Trust me, not watching the trailer before the movie gives you a whole lot of different expectation.

If you are going to go ahead and read my review then I am probably going to reveal more than the trailer did :D

By now everyone probably know that it’s a nail-biting horror movie and I do not want to revolve much around the story plot.

Its a monotonous tradition for the horror movies to start off with the first signs of the ghosts around, this movie was no less in letting us and the family in the movie know who was around. Firstly, for the hype that is been going around, even a subtle tweak on the floor of the mansion gets you edgy, no it isn't that scary but the anticipation that something might happen gets you on the edge of your chairs. 

Every night around 3:07, the invisible demon gives the family members a jerk in the heart by :

Tugging the kids leg

Make the fourth kid of the family sleepwalk and make her bang against the wardrobe.

Destroy the family portraits hung on the wall as the demon wants to ruin the family unity.
"When the music stops, you see Rory behind you"

Scene when Mrs.Warren sees the witch hanging from tree behind Dr.Warren

 The lady of the house brings down Dr.Demon-chasers couple to her place and makes the couple sense the unusual activity and help them chase the witch out of the place and surprisingly the Dr. is able to see lil Rory ( the invisible boy) around the house and the witch hanging on the tree with her naked eyes. The cop who assists them in the case also sees the dead maid slashing her hand and the demons finally possess the soul of the Perron lady to manipulate and kill her own daughters like the witch killed her son Rory, things go out of hand and the demon-chasers perform exorcism to make the witch leave her body.

The witch tries to kill the daughter.
Mrs.Warren holding Porren lady in place while Dr.Warren performs exorcism


Acting by Vera Farmiga ( Dr.Warren) is a commendable one, her emotions have been emoted really well. The crew has done an amazing job :) kudos :)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

All That Matters


“What is it that matters to a person?”

The answer to it does not have a generic answer to it. The question by itself is in existence because what matters to me is not the same as what matters to my mother.

The answer to this is different from every others species, what makes the difference?


Every individual’s perspective differs and eventually their priorities differ.

 If it had not differed, then there wouldn’t be a Bill Gates and a Steve jobs in the same field.
If it had not differed, then there wouldn’t be a Jeffrey Archer and a Sidney Sheldon in the same field.
If it had not differed, then there wouldn’t be a Steven Spielberg and a Mani Ratnam in the same field.

All these people and all my fellow bloggers would not have made it big if not for the unique ability in them to think different. Thinking is all that matters.

Now, taking you into the chronicles of my life. Before I take you, a friendly warning : DO NOT SNORT.

I am sure every one of you would have studied in a school where they appointed school leaders to represent the students, so what was the ideal quality that was expected in order to acquire that post? Academic excellence, Social behaviour, and an impeccable fluency in English (Given the fact it is a convent school). Not that I aspired to become a school leader, but there was this flaring rage in me to talk fluently atleast. So back then, “All That Mattered” to me was to build my communication I might have very well been negligent about it and strutted around with just “The Convent School Girl” tag.

Now in my college phase. I am slightly overwhelmed to ask myself “Where has the Self-Learning of the English language not helped you?” No disappointments. The next thing I wanted to do was to express my thoughts, letting my family and my friends know through mail, texts and whatsapp wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to let many others know about it and get their views, and here I am, Blogging. If I had thought any differently, I would have settled with just letting people know in a subtle way.

It sure was satisfying to pen down what mattered and still matters the most to me. It is just a matter of time that changes the life of a person, once our heart is set on things that matters the most to us, the right Perspective and the well set Determination gets us the Zeal and washes away the Fear.

This post is written as a part of 'All that Matters' contest at in association with INK Talks 2013

Saturday, 1 June 2013

2009-2013 :)

24th may 2013.
                  My mother sends me off saying “I don’t want a tear lashed face in the evening. I know its your last day in college, bid proper goodbyes to all your friends and professors before you leave.”
Ironically. THAT, made me laugh.

Like all the students would say, I can’t believe it is all over. Four years=1360 days (I didn't care to calculate if there was a leap year, mistake accepted.) is over. I did not want to exhibit a sigh of relief because they weren't the four laborious years of my life but an unexpected joyful journey.

I entered this college with so much preconceived notions (Agreed, I am judgemental.) that I would not be enjoying my life with the people around me in this college. I was like the odd man out in my classroom, no exaggerations here, my classmates confessed the same four years later. But today, they have been the greatest teachers of my life. Yes, you don’t need degree qualified people to teach you about life, they are right beside you teaching you every moment.

There were times, when I would stare at my ID card and wonder “when would 2013 come, what will it be like to be an Engineer”. Irony strikes double hard, I still feel like laughing not because I am happy that I’m an Engineer finally but at that silly thought as I feel no different than how I was as a fresher in 2009. (Aftermath of being becoming an Engineer shall be repined later.)

I wasn't a notorious student to start off saying “what have I not done during college days” but I have a list that would meet up to my standards of “unethical-doings” :P 
·        Lunch Time: Student, first avatar. Cannibals, second avatar. We jump from bench to bench to hunt for food and also to save our lunch. People who have been part of it would cherish this and others I know what you are thinking (Probably being called retards by now.).
·        Boycott Classes: Added advantage that I am a girl, when I can longer like/obey a staff. I excuse myself with my gang to the restroom feigning illness and get out of the class with my Mp3.
·        ‘MASS’ Copying: Allowing my fellow friends to flick my answer sheet during exams to help them pass gracefully. *proud moment* :P
·        Emotional guidance: In those soulful moments of my friend’s life, reading their text conversation and emotionally guide them during class hours.  
(Soulful moments=1. Her boyfriend putting ‘kadalai’ to another figure.
     2. A bitches about B and B bitching about A to C ) 

Keeping aside all my unethical-doings, my college life has given me an entirely new life (Not referring to the academic excellence) and has led to different level of perspective.

Adios KCG :)

Friday, 31 May 2013

21 & OVER.

21 and over, an unfiltered   version of hangover, slang words being used at ease (in comparative with the land we live in) is yet another comedy drama from the creators of the Hangover.

The movie is shot with the same story gist, a guy who wants to have fun but a curfew to get back to his place by 7a.m  to leave for his medical school interview with his dad and just like Hangover, the protagonist ends up doing everything, plausibly EVERYTHING that turns out to be a series of hilarious events.

21 and over, kick starts with Jeffrey’s comrades trying to change his mind on how he is to celebrate his 21st b’day in the United States and your bones are tickled right from here to the part where Jeffrey gets high , 
starts stripping and what not . So if you are wondering how exactly the suspense material gets unleashed like the Hangover then that is when the Jeffrey’s friends surprise you with their dumbness (yes, it is highly ridiculous to me to forget your own best pal’s house).   Jeff’s friends Miller and Casey, who are sober, try out for very possible source that would help them find Jeff’s place which in turn makes them lead to mouse traps that are set by themselves.

Every scene, from ladies dormitory(seeking temporary shelter)  to the party house(presuming to be Jeff’s place) to the punishment given by  the latin queens ( for having entered ladies dormitory) to the hospital scene , the director and the boys  make the 90 mins a worth watch and the feeling of having your bucks well spent :)

P.S:  Jeff’s puking scene should have been a 3D visual treat :D 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Carnival Fest

Pongal time it is, all that I knew I was going to do is eat the sumptuous sweet pongal my mother would make and take a day off from all my work to watch those good blockbuster movies that would be telecasted on my idiot box and enjoy the day . But, little did I know that the festival marked a great importance among the agriculturists back at my native place which was long forgotten, little did I know that there are people out there who would be relishing and thanking our solar deity (sun god) for the food we eat.

Curiosity drove me to the extent of calling up my granddad, who was an agriculturist back then and now settled in namma Chennai , to ask him what exactly pongal was all about. He was taken back that his granddaughter amongst all the people wanted to know about it when everyone else paid little heed to it. He though confessed that it has been quite a while since he went to his native and that he might have forgotten the actual customs but promised to tell me ^_^ .

Pongal, the harvest festival of South India, popularly known as uttarayana, lohri, makara sankranthi in North India and Bhogali Bihu in the northeast is a festival celebrated as  a thanksgiving festival to the Sun God . The day before the pongal is the Boghi festival where the old objects/clothes are burnt signifying the welcome of the new beginning with new thoughts. On the day of pongal,  pongal is made i in handmade clay pots and the boiling over of the pongal from the pot signifies the beginning of the Pongal festival and is said to bring a lot of prosperity for the people.

 The next day , kaanum pongal is celebrated where we visit our dear ones place, mostly siblings, to seek their blessings and the sister of the family usually gives gift as a token of love to her brother. And not to forget Maatu pongal where the cows and bullocks are bathed and they are decorated, a festival to thank their land ploughers and conduct races called Jhallikattu where the machos of the town try to stop the bullock to which wads of currency notes are tied. It sure sounds interesting, but a lot more brutal at the end of the day.
Would it be exaggerating if I were to tell you I had goosebumps after hearing all this from my grandfather? But yes, that is exactly what happened when I thought about how India is so enriched with culture and customs. So amusing it was to realize that our people followed and had belief in such customs and even more delightful to know that people still follow these customs atleast if not for the traditional stirring-the-pongal-in-a-clay-pot :)

I was lucky enough to have witnessed all of this at a cultural museum center Dakshinachithra , with the pongal being made in the authentic way , sugarcanes tied around it  and the ladies echoing the prosperity call “pongal o pongal” when the pongal rises over , followed by a folk dance by our folks :) Yes, it sure was entertaining than watching movies on my idiot box :)  

I have heard that its a lot more colourful in our North India, their festival significance marked with a blend of colours by flying kites. It would be such a treat to watch hundreds of enlightening colours make their way into the sky, yes its another heed paid to our Sun deity by reaching up to him.

Given the era we are living in, festivals like these have not been forgotten :) Though majorily because we get a string of holidays, the actual customs has not become a thing of past :)   
Happy pongal folks :)
P.S wishing you from the bottom of my heart :)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

An Ideal Chill-out !

Waking up obscenely early to feel the exhilarating experience of taking a plunge into the middle of SEA, the anticipation was nothing but pure bliss and excitement! The intriguing thought of what I might find during
 my aquatic spa makes my curiosity level rise another degree on its scale :)

With the yelps and yaps of my friends we started on our sea ride :D

After reaching a spot 2kms away from the shore we take the plunge. For a person who had learnt swimming as a survival measure, the time I took to resurface after the plunge made me feel like I was down there for ages!

A zero-gravity feeling while floating is a must experience  ^_^ . An hour passes by trying to stay afloat and playing tug of war with the rope that was given to stay close to the ferry. I decided to find Nemo and struggled my way down under the water with my goggles. Sadly, I was barely able to see my own legs in the greenish blue water but we were lucky enough to get hold of a jellyfish (harmless!) which happened to be taking its stroll  ^_^

Alas, the ride came to an end. The fatigue that followed was easy to be ignored after being hallucinated by so much fun. Worth getting tanned :)

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